Whatever you do…

Friends in Christ,


What a joy this past month has been!  It has been such a blessing moving to Selma and New Burlington!  You have made my family and I feel so welcomed!  I especially want to thank you for the thoughtful cards and words of encouragement.  And thank you for the many gifts and special ways you have reached out to me and my family!  I also want you to know that Micah and Eli are adjusting “very well” as they have just made their selves at home in both churches!  We so much look forward to being in ministry with you for many years ahead.


This past week I was reading through the book of Colossians and thinking how much a blessing Selma Christ and New Burlington has been.  Not just to me and my family but to our community.  This past month Selma Christ reached out with the love of Jesus through their VBS program and what a joy that was!  They and New Burlington also put together and “stuffed” 31 backpacks “full” of school supplies for children in our community!  It was truly, “Love in action!”


And I thought of this as I read Paul’s words encouraging the Church in Colosse to continue to share their faith and love.  Paul said we are “God’s chosen people” and we are to clothe ourselves in the likeness of Christ (putting on compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, bearing each other up, and forgiving one another…, Colossians 3:12-17).  Like ancient Israel, we are called to be a “blessing to others;” to share Christ’ love.  And I’ve seen this in you in so many ways in just this first month together!


Paul also reminded the people of Colosse to let the peace of Christ and the word of Christ rule their hearts and live in them.  That whatever we do, we do in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!  These are good words for us today.  For they remind us that Christ is to be at the very center of our lives.  That the church activities we participate in, the special programs, the ways we reach out to our community, our times of fellowship and even our personal lives are to have Christ as the goal.  I believe Paul is saying that “whatever we do” or “whatever we are about” should always bring glory to God.


May we continue to “Glorify God” in all we do, say, and think.  May the peace of Christ rule our hearts, and his word dwell deep within us.  And may the Lord continue to bless our church and each of our families.                                                                                     



Blessings in Christ,


Pastor Andy